With decades of experience in the music industry, DJ Thomas Blondet and part-time rocker Steven Rubin prove that it is never too late to explore new soundwaves. These collaborators have been working on their upcoming EP Sea Sons, which is set for official release on the 5th of March via Rhythm & Culture Music. In the meantime, you can get lost in the hypnotizing evolution of their sound, with their latest song release ‘Seascapes’.

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Speaking about the collaboration with Chill Music (read interview), Steven mentioned, “I would describe my work with Thomas as an evolution of my sound. Though historically I have mostly performed and produced rock music I have always had an affinity for electronic music and the musical freedom it offers. I love creating sounds that set a mood, that put the listener into a headspace. With the Sea Sons EP, I feel like Thomas and I have combined our musical backgrounds to create something unique that will continue to evolve the more we collaborate.”

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‘Seascapes’ a simplistic pleasure & delight for anyone that gives it a chance. This single though simplistic is just as gratifying as daily mundane pleasures like scratching that annoying itch or feeling a comforting breeze tickle your arm after a hot and stressful day.  ‘Seascapes’ is a comforting and peaceful listening experience to be absorbed whenever you please.

Sea Sons EP Tracklist:

01 Animals

02 Standby International

03 Seascapes

04 Las Bramacitas

05 Misophonia

06 No Like U

07 Complicated Shadows

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