Image credit: Adam Kroll

Switchstance Recordings founders (Kabanjak and Dogu) & renowned electronic music duo Ancient Astronauts showcase promising African talent with their latest collaborative album release, ZIK ZAK. The album was released today via none other than Switchstance Recordings, of course.

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Previously featured on 80h8 with featured single ‘Photoshop Reality’, the blog commented, “‘Photoshop Reality’ is a captivating listen from the thought-provoking lyrics and strong conviction in the vocals translate the issue of perfection and altered realities we buy into even though they may not be real or achievable to us. Ancient Astronauts continue to create an easy listening experience with their confrontational and bold thinking.”

We can undoubtedly say that Ancient Astronauts do not beat around the bush with this latest release, with particular focus on a world that is out of touch and out of its depth. With the advancement of technology & social media, are we “more connected” than ever? Ancient Astronauts point at the cracks that are easy to hide away when building relationships in this highly flawed digital age. 

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