Image credit: Johannes Kremer

Picture yourself as you dive into the deep, dark waters of your local lake. You feel that chill of intrigue and uncontrollable fear of the unknown that could be lurking underneath the surface. You are standing between the point of the earth meeting land, and you take the jump willingly despite the initial reservations you have. ERA C’s  ‘DELIRIA’ melodic electronic reworking by Arms and Sleepers captures this feeling of falling with fear and rising back stronger.

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ERA C member Sofi recently shared her thoughts about the original mix of ‘DELIRIA’ via an Instagram post. Sofi also explained the meaning of ‘DELIRIA’, which can be described as an explosion of overwhelmed feelings that one can feel from time to time.

A whirlwind of emotion is best used to describe the feelings that one can associate with the original downtempo track indeed, it is a truly noteworthy electronic gem for that reason. This remix, however, diverts from the somber delight to follow a more uplifting, tranquil & ambient path. 

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