Image credit: Bence Szemerey

Having recently released a number of singles (‘Last Time Ft. Raf Skowroński’, ‘Feather ft. Amme’, and ‘Slow Burn’ ft. HALOSARA), songs whose genres that are hard to define, producer mïus has finally graced listeners with the full-length album from which they were taken, an 8-track project he has called Abstrakt, and the title is perfect. Rather than fit into a predictable realm of music, it hangs on the conceptual hook, where the producer was free to explore different lanes, including experimental techno, unburdened by cumbersome definitions.

Stream / Download: mïus – Abstrakt LP

Touching on the project’s theme, mïus tells us: “The main concept of the album was to use multiple samples and found sounds, fused with recorded analog synths, to create a new, singular analog-digital synth sound. Thus, we get abstractions from these sounds in a completely new, interesting synthesizer sound design. The title refers to this method.”

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