Image credit: Vaida – Dominykas Venckus

Bach Music presents ‘Resonant’, a new record by Techno producer Domshe. But he hasn’t released the single alone. No. Alongside its debut comes two remixes titled ‘Energize’ by artists My Cat Snoop and Ant Brooks. Regarding collaborative releases, this isn’t Domshe’s first rodeo. He has previously dropped records with Tiger Stripes, Carlo Lio, Matt Sassari, Filterheadz, and Ron Costa to name a few.

Stream / Buy: Domshe – ‘Resonant’

First up, the main attraction. ‘Resonant’ is a force of nature. Falling like raindrops on a calm lake, heavy kicks quake, sending ripples of metallic reverbs in all directions. But the peace doesn’t last. A stormcloud of hats and sub-bass gathers, building in energy until it’s ready to burst.

My Cat Snoop’s remix is sharp and cutting. An unrelenting techno track, it captures what the genre is all about. While on the other side, Ant Brooks’ rework takes a different approach. Mixed in a way that fills stereo space, the compositional elements layer from the front to the back.

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