Berlin-based Ornery continues to place himself apart within the electronic music realm, appearing with an unstoppable motivation and drive, the momentum he continues to build sees him arriving on the scene as an exciting talent to watch out for. A Producer, DJ, and studio and label owner, his knowledge and experience continue to support his delivery of hard-hitting music and his ever-developing powerful signature sound. 

So, join us as we present this exclusive interview with Ornery, diving into his performance approach and his processes for creating such electrifying live shows.

Hi Ornery, how are you?

I’m doing very well, thanks for having me!

Can you tell us how you prepare for a show?

The first thing I keep in mind is the time slot that I play: playing an opening or closing set is obviously different from playing at peak time, although it also depends on the kind of venue and night you’re playing. After that, music. I like to be “over-prepared” in that sense, and I’m always digging for new music to play. If I like what I find, I love to test it right away!

What was your first DJ setup like? What was the first piece of equipment you brought?

A Vestax mixer (can’t remember the exact model right now!) and two used Technics 1210 which I saved up for quite some time. Digital was already around, and I’m a big proponent of it, but I was always fascinated by vinyl so that’s what I started with. From there, I jumped straight into Traktor and controllers, which is still my preferred setup.

Tell us about your first live performance. Can you remember where was it and how it went?

My first “official” live performance was in London a few years ago, right after I released my first solo EP as an artist, actually. It was one of those cases where everything lined up at the right time, I would say. It was a decent-sized room, the sound was good, and the night went very well. I have a great memory of it!

What do you look for in a track for a live show?

A certain energy. Melody, flair, a touch of drama. It’s probably hard to explain in writing, but I think these are some of the qualities that draw me to a certain track rather than another.

What’s your favourite thing about performing live?

Enjoying myself and getting lost in the flow of the music, smiling, and seeing people do the same. Creating that precious moment when everything is forgotten, there is just the dancefloor and the rhythm of the music. Simple, but powerful.

Where would you like to perform next?

Definitely Space in Miami! Amazing atmosphere, both night and day.

What’s the funniest or most memorable story you have involving a live show?

For me, looking at the club staff having to send people home at 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning after an entire night of dancing is always a memorable moment… I’ll never get tired of it!

What are you hoping to incorporate into your live performances next?

I’m very much into new technologies in general, so I’m always experimenting with different controllers and additional machines in the DJ booth whenever possible. Besides developing an entire live set, which is something I’m currently working on, I’d love to try bringing the new standalone Ableton Push to the DJ booth, as well.

To close our interview, do you have any advice for younger DJs, just starting their live performance journey?

Trust and follow your taste, regardless of trends, styles, and genres!

From our conversation with Ornery, his love for electronic music remains clear; acting as the driving force behind his approach towards both music production and performance, his passion for the genre continues to shine through. So, as we end our interview, we thank Ornery for his time and eagerly encourage you to keep an eye on this talented producer and DJ by following him across social media.

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