Rising French electronic production duo Grand Soleil are poised to announce a brand new release with the arrival of ‘Round Round Round’, lifted from the forthcoming album ‘Human Error’ due 9th April through Nowadays Records.

Channelling the spirit of 90s pop, ‘Round Round Round’ draws on a myriad of influences from electronic, jazz, funk, soul and hip-hop. The accompanying animated video pays homage to the classic Sci-Fi cartoons from the 80s and presents us with a timely message, offering us the prefect respite we all need right now. 

They say: “To illustrate this music we chose to make an animated video. The topics covered are those of the impact of man on the planet and in the near future of the extinction of the human species. Where the animated film comes in is in its “surreal” dimension. The ferryman, a sort of personified divinity, will allow planet earth to come back to life with the counterpart of sacrificing humans. The ferryman will raise all the animals on earth into the heavens by levitating them around the earth like the rings of the Saturn. The animals died reinforcing a current implicit message of the extinction of many species and thus an ecological message.”

Grand Soleil are two brothers Pach and Drich, both share a love for eclecticism – they grew up cradled by the 90s pop culture nourished by jazz, hip hop, funk but also by science fiction throughout movies and cartoons. These inspirations gave them necessary freedom and limitless curiosity. From Hip Hop to techno with a pinch of French Touch, the duo draw inspiration from their idols (Daft Punk, Fatboy Slim, Chemical Brothers, Flying Lotus).

Human Error’ is an evolving album: a journey that starts in the light and heads towards the darkness. The album was born out of the realisation that the present looks increasingly like a fiction of anticipation in which humanity is guilty of its own loss. The brothers goal is to gently attract those who are not used to listening to “violent” music (in terms of rhythms, sounds and words) to spread an important message. It’s throughout samples that the artists express their feelings by trying to raise awareness on the unreality of living in this chaotic time and by calling for change and action.

‘Human Error’ is released on 9th April through Nowadays Records.

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