In this exclusive interview, we catch up with Tony Kay as he reflects on his experiences at ADE this year, the vibrant atmosphere, memorable performances, and the importance of industry events like ADE. Join us as Tony Kay shares insights into his time at ADE and offers a glimpse into what’s next for him in his career.

Hi Tony Kay, how are you?

I’m doing good, thanks for asking.

You attended ADE this year, can you summarise your time in Amsterdam for us?

This year ADE was packed, way more artists than last year. It’s good to see that the industry is growing. For me, this ADE was more work-oriented, filled with meetings and shows.

Can you describe the atmosphere at ADE?

ADE is a special time of the year when the whole Dance music industry from around the world is in Amsterdam. I like it, as I get to catch up with friends and fellow artists.

Which live shows did you attend? Which performances were particularly memorable?

I only attended 1001 Tracklists Top Producers event, quite enjoyed it, and met several fellow artists there.

Can you share a highlight from your time in Amsterdam?

It has to be the shows I played. Amsterdam is such a vibe and ADE adds way more to it. 

In your opinion, why do you think events like ADE are important to the Electronic Dance Music world?

Events like ADE, MMW, and so on, play a crucial role in our industry. It brings us the artists all together alongside other players on the scene such as agents, promoters, etc. 

You performed across Amsterdam this year; can you tell us about this? What was the experience like, how did you find the crowds?

It’s amazing, from the crowd, and the venues to the organizers. Got to test out several tracks and see the crowd’s reaction, and the crowd is people from different corners of the world. I really enjoyed it. Also heard my latest release ‘Dihya’ being played by other DJs, which is just beautiful to see, how global the music I make is.

For those who haven’t been, how would you sum up the ADE experience?

Honestly, you just have to go to ADE and even as a first time, attend the conferences, labs, network, and make connections with everyone in the industry, as well as, go to the parties later in the evening.

Following ADE, what’s coming up next for Tony Kay?

New music coming out soon and a few announcements, stay tuned.

We finish this interview by thanking Tony for his time sharing insights about his experience at ADE 2023, make sure to follow him across social media to remain updated on his latest releases and projects.

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