Today, we are joined by talented Producer and DJ Cody Chase as he talks with us about his time attending the Amsterdam Dance Event this past October. Having been making waves across the Electronic Music genre, gaining attention from fans across the globe as he releases hard-hitting music and delivers captivating live performances, Cody Chase is quickly climbing the list of must-watch talents currently working within the genre. 

Enjoy this exclusive interview as Cody Chase reveals more about his experience at ADE 2023.

Hi Cody Chase, how are you?

I’m doing awesome! It’s a rainy day in a usually sunny south Florida so that means after I finish this interview, it’s time to put some time in the studio!

You attended ADE this year, can you tell us how the experience was for you? 

ADE was an incredible experience! It was a ton of networking and work, but my team and I also made sure we had time to go and experience the events and enjoy ourselves too!

In your opinion, why do you think events like ADE are important to Electronic Music?

ADE is great for making friends and relationships, something that is invaluable in this game and also hard to do other times throughout the year. Much of the industry was there so if you weren’t networking, you weren’t trying!

Do you think ADE creates a specific type of buzz to the genre this time of year?

ADE does so much for so many different genres. In my opinion, this year’s 2 biggest genres were Hard Techno and Melodic Techno and there were so many events based around those sounds. Awakenings took over a soccer stadium and an arena for multiple sold-out nights!

Can you describe what the atmosphere is like at ADE?

The beginning of the week is definitely different than the end. When everyone first arrives, everyone is so excited and the city buzzes. You can feel the energy in the air. Everyone is ready to mingle and create those new relationships. By the end of the week, people are tired from working and networking all day, and then partying all night. The Sunday morning streets looked like the walking dead with zombies all slowly returning back to their hotels to pack up and catch a flight home.

Did you manage to attend any live shows or showcases this year? If so, which performances stood out to you?

The team and I attended so many cool events throughout the week. Literally too many to count. The event that inspired me most was James Hype and Meduza’s ‘Our House’. It was an old-school dirty warehouse rave where phone use was discouraged and it was all about the music, lights, and experience. Inspired me to bring something like that back home to Miami. Keep an eye out for new venues in 2024 or 2025 because Cody Chase and the team have something up our sleeves.

For those who haven’t been, how would you sum up the ADE experience in three words?

Business. Party. Tired. 

Can you share a highlight from your time in Amsterdam?

My most cherished memory from my time in Amsterdam was where we stayed. Our logistics manager, a.k.a. Cousin Ben, found us a houseboat to stay on. Docked on one of the canals, we literally stayed on a boat in the heart of the city. It was a true Amsterdam experience and vibe.

What was it like to perform at ADE? Can you tell us what the vibe was like, how did you find the crowds?

I played a few times and the crowds were great. But hey, the crowds are always great for a Cody Chase set!

Following ADE, what’s coming up next for Cody Chase?  

A whole lotta stuff! My label, Chasin Records, has A TON of releases coming out. In fact, my team and I set a goal to release a new single every week, today is November 15th, and we have releases slated through mid-January already! I just signed a residency in Denver that will see me playing shows there every other month. And we are working on closing similar deals in NY and Vegas! And last but not least, I have some huge tracks coming out on Blanco Y Negro in December and January!

From our conversation with Cody Chase, it is clear that his time spent at ADE was both enjoyable and productive; with lots of exciting projects, releases, and events coming up soon, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this talented Producer, DJ, and label boss maestro! 

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