Meetch’s recent release, ‘8 Bits & Pieces’, no doubt served to showcase his consistently unique sound and original approach towards music production; detailed with playful sonic hits and catchy synth hooks, the detailed soundscape surely made for an exciting listening experience. So now, we’re looking forward to being joined by Meetch to take a behind-the-scenes look at the production, diving into his process and techniques when it came to the creation of ‘8 Bits & Pieces’.

Hey Meetch, how are you? 

I’m doing great!

To start, tell us about the inspirations behind this new track.

Well, when I was creating music of a similar style years back, I had only one type of sound that I really enjoyed making. I loved the video game sound and was inspired by Mord Fustang to make sounds and music alike.

What did the production process look like?

Looking back about 7 years, the process was a lot different, and I limited myself to the sounds and ideas I used. The process was quicker back then because I only wanted one sound – I always wanted to use the same sounds to create a specific image of myself as this Electro-House-type artist. But things have developed over the years. So, the process now is slower but better quality.

‘8 Bits & Pieces’ features many energetic synth parts; can you tell us how you created all these different layers?

I layered this 8-bit Electro House chord synth multiple times and just tweaked it a little. From what I remember, this track was one of my quickest to make but for some reason I didn’t ever release it, which led to this fun holiday freebie. I had a few plugin presets that I used many times but manipulated the oscillators and filters each time.

Did you have a specific goal in mind when you set out to produce ‘8 Bits & Pieces’?

I really didn’t at the time, I just liked making video game-sounding music. It would be cool if I ever dove back into this style. But I would only do this if I was actually able to make music for video games. That would be a cool milestone of mine!

Which plugins and effects did you use most when producing the track?

I mainly use Massive and Complete Ultimate. But for this song, it was mainly Massive. I wasn’t big on Serum back then so Massive was my go-to.

The track guides through a varied soundscape, delivering a listening experience filled with surprising melodic and rhythmic moments. Can you tell us about your approach to structuring the track? How did you create such an exciting sonic journey?

Usually, I make more House tracks, but I enjoyed doing a hip-hop/trap sound for this. I made a chord progression for a House track like I usually do, but I wanted to slow the tempo down to give a different style a shot. It started out as a House song but then I liked the idea of making a slower song. It starts out like a projector sound, and I wanted it to take you through a movie-like experience. The sounds are different, but I don’t care. I like doing things differently. I love that the drop hits completely separate from the other sounds. It was a cool switch-up and very exciting to make. 

Did you experiment with any new sounds or equipment for this new track?

I really didn’t, I was making a ton of music with similar Electro-House synths. The only difference was the tempo.

What about the production process did you enjoy most?

I really enjoyed the tempo change. I never made stuff like this except when I first started making music and was making Hip-Hop beats. When I started making music more seriously, I ditched Hip-Hop and did Dubstep. But I found my way to House and have loved it ever since.

What can fans expect from you next? 

Well, this was me like 7 years ago so I won’t be making music like this anymore but might do more Holiday throwbacks. I will continue to stay up to date with the current trends and popular House styles. But I will always add my flare!

As we round up our interview with Meetch, we thank him for his time and for allowing us a look into his creativity, giving us an insight into how his approach towards music production has developed throughout his career. No doubt on an exciting path, we’re looking forward to seeing what the next chapter of Meetch’s already captivating journey will bring; so, a talent not to be missed, be sure to follow Meetch across social media to keep up-to-date with his upcoming releases and live shows.

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