nej!las has been on everyone’s radar and is said to be “one to watch” . The Toronto born, now Detroit-based artist, has taken steps to cement her newfound sonic palette within the current techno scene. Starting in November 2017, she has quickly amassed a following, addicted to her dark, evocative sound. nej!las has previously released two EPs (Wolfrage recordings, Teknofonic recordings) with two of her top tracks (Washout, Resolution) breaking into the Beatport top 50 releases for techno and downtempo.

This brings us up to speed with her latest release “Unleash the chaos” a single track with a big impact. Assaulting techno rhythms accompanied by a soundscape of huge gritty stabs and counterbalanced with a synth sequence that reminds you to breath. Cleverly arranged with twists and turns at every corner this will burn dance floors down. The full track is set for release on the 22nd of February.

Artist Quote: “I aim to pave my own genre in music, combining hard hitting techno with electro elements; capable of transcending genre boundaries and creating something wholly new and unique. Unleash the Chaos is exactly this – a unique mix between electro house and techno. I want listeners to find themselves engrossed and encapsulated by the multiple levels of the track, with crisp and passionate production the center piece. Unleash the Chaos immerses and engages the listener in my own sound-track-like world. This is just the beginning for what I have planned for the remainder of 2019, which includes some even harder-hitting techno.”