Currently sitting just under 30 million streams on major platforms, Detroit music producer Shigeto has shared an official remix of IDM music producer Vincenzo Ramaglia’s single ‘La parole 6’. 

To date, Shigeto has been supported by a number of world-renowned publications( Pitchfork, Resident Advisor, Mixmag, Dancing Astronaut, and Exclaim). He has also hosted a 2-hour long show with Worldwide FM,  and has received airplay on BBC Radio 1 with his mix for  Benji B

Bass Music comment, “The SHIGETO remix uses the dark notes of the original masterpiece but provides a more balanced out sound that compliments both artist’s versatility with their sound.” 

Shigeto comments on the production of the remix: “La parole 6 was a pleasure to rework. I have always enjoyed remixing any music with an ambient approach that incorporates some sort of live instrumentation. It gives me a lot of freedom to take it anywhere.” 

Shigeto adds melodic flow that creates a skillful structure to the masterfully disorientated original. 

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