Image credit: Pekka Keränen

The curtain is about to draw open for the biggest performance of your life. You feel the sweat seeping through your clammy hands and your pulse rate skyrocketing. You may also feel you could pass out at any time. The stage manager calls all the actors to full attention as the show is about to begin, and suddenly your anxious feelings slip away as the curtain draws open and you have switched personas.  In life, we are tasked with many roles and personas we have to adopt in order to flourish as individuals. This performance can be your next board meeting or wedding speech, and the stage manager can be your boss or best friend. Axel Thesleff’s song ‘Timeflow’ (Double A-Side) via CASHIR perfectly sums up these feelings of dread that exists in fleeting time.

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In an interview with The Playground the producer commented on his sound: “The sound I’m going for heavily depends on the song I’m creating and the mood I’m going for. Generally speaking, I’m usually going for an organic and lush sound. I like layering multi-sampled instrument sounds with sound synthesis to create a kind of electro-acoustic sound hybrid that borders between real and imaginary.”

Axel Thesleff combines complex emotions together into one impactful sound that demands attention from the beginning. One can expect to feel anything between liberated, in awe or even bewilderment with the arrangements that exist in Axel Thesleff’s sound. But after that initial moment of scepticism to fresh ears, you become intrigued by the endless possibilities that exist within one talent.

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