Hellcat industries is the latest scheme from the forever audacious bbbbbb family, focusing on cheeky dance floor bangers channeling the fun 90s not-so-serious techno anthems combined with the bbb oddball spirit, the modernised sound of 2k20 future stars and mad in-house label artwork.

Chanting from a Tiny Book” is the second chapter of Hellcat where Bjarki and VTSS split a twelve inch together. H311CAT02 follows the success of the first V/A with VTSS, Cadency, Kuldaboli and Bjarki on board, and continues sharing the tales of the cat from hell.

After the behind the scenes work VTSS did as curator of the first V/A, the bbb team unanimously invited the polish selector and producer to continue her involvement with Hellcat naming her the labels A&R.

The tracks selected by VTSS for the second installation include her own productions with the banging ‘Batman Church’ and the more anthemic ‘How to Win Big’, complemented by the BBBBBB-SIDE which features Hellfire and Safety Savage from Bjarki – tunes VTSS has playing relentlessly in her sets over the past year.

The two collaborators come from quite different backgrounds but have been working together for two years finding and embracing a common ground and mission – to bring back the fun to techno.

The labels plans for 2020 include a couple of V/A’s and EP’s putting attention on maybe still a bit lesser known artists but with (in the eyes of Bjarki & VTSS) a bright future – another crucial mission of HELLCAT – with remixes from the label daddy and mommy included in digital form for every release.

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