LOOR, aka Gwil Sainsbury, today releases a new video for ‘Warm’, the second in the series of highly ambitious animated videos following on from the release of the psychedelic spectacle ‘Leigh Woods’ earlier this month. 

‘Warm’ is a continually evolving, techno laced, experimental dance track. Pulsating with sub-bass throughout while a repetitive chord pattern dances on top, the track swells and recedes, again, and again until it reaches a strobing, melodic climax.

The accompanying video is produced by Psychedelic artist; Salvador Herrera. Based in Mexico, Salvador explores and unfolds his inner universe across different mediums, specifically digital and traditional illustration, painting, sculpture, animation and video. He views all of these mediums as extensions of the nervous system itself and uses them to illustrate psychedelic worlds, creating portals for anyone to enter.

Speaking about the creation of the video, Gwil explains, “I first met Salvador when he was part of a Bristol art collective called Caraboo Projects. My immediate feeling was one of long-term collaboration. His approach to animation is extraordinarily complex. For this video, he commissioned a glass artisan in Mexico to make the individual components of the Jellyfish protagonist. These have then been filmed and composited with long exposure photography creating lines of light for the tentacles (Physiograms). The intended effect was to create a life-form made of light that would evolve, becoming more and more complex, as the video unfolds towards a transcendent ending. “

LOOR is Gwil Sainsbury’s first music project since leaving the Mercury Prize winning band alt-J in 2014. Having grown up in the landscapes of Cornwall, Gwil was drawn to the name LOOR – a Cornish word for the moon/praise/deity. It is this animist worldview that informs the language of his music and visuals. Blending dark, atmospheric sonic landscapes with experimental dance music – LOOR is an entheogen tinged journey into future electronic worlds.

Taking inspiration from contemporaries such as Floating Points and Jon Hopkins, his live performance is a continuous flux of shifting, ambient scenes, paired with focused, bass-heavy beats. LOOR’s live debut will take place at London’s Shacklewell Arms on 25 November.

Nightland EP will be out on 22 November via AWAL. The EP is the starting point for LOOR with a debut album expected in Spring 2020.




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