2smile, the French production duo, have returned with a remix collection of their track ‘Tribute To Frikkyo’, originally dedicated to the late DJ Da Frikkyo, a significant figure in the Italian hard techno scene. On their Ondawey Music imprint, they revisit this standout single with two new remixes: one by Alex Fixman, and an Afro Rework by themselves. 2smile’s music explores Melodic Techno, Tech House, and Afro House across their releases. Their catalog boasts over 100 unreleased tracks, showcasing their ability to blend genres and draw from diverse musical influences.

The original track garnered acclaim from industry figures like Laurent Garnier, Terry Francis, and Paco Osuna. Created on the night of Frikkyo’s passing, it reflects a deeply spiritual creative process, guided by an ethereal influence. The track combines dynamic guitars, deep basslines, and sampled vocals from Fela Kuti, crafting a poignant homage to their late friend.

Alex Fixman’s remix preserves the original’s hypnotic essence while venturing into deeper Techno territory with breakbeat elements, promising global appeal with its heavy bass and commanding kick drum. Meanwhile, 2smile’s own remix features robust drum patterns and evolving experimental guitar riffs, offering a more direct approach than the original. It incorporates well-timed effects and maintains an engaging groove, inviting further sonic exploration.

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