Erick Morillo has kicked off 2020 with “Subliminal Miami 2020”, the latest instalment of the house music legend’s lauded compilation series, out March 20th via Subliminal Records.

Comprised of 15 unreleased tracks from Erick’s friends and contemporaries, “Subliminal Miami 2020” is a celebration of cutting-edge house music, stitched together with that sunkissed Miami flair. It comes in the form of an hour-long mix, with Erick expertly spinning the tracks.

Highlights include ‘Everything’, the seductive house cut from Armand Pena and vocalist Caitlin Rose, ‘ABC’, the trance-infused floater from Nick Lampos, and Cato Anaya & Les Castizos’s ‘Sabrosura’, Carlos Anaya & Victor Perez’s Latin-tinged floor filler. Elsewhere, the likes of James Organ (‘Tribute’), Dum K (‘The Hum’) and Allan Nunez (‘Yaya’) all feature on this expertly crafted mix.

Completing the mix are tracks from Mark Neo Marvin (‘Over Rhythm’), Ioan (‘Corre Morenita’), Aney F (‘Inseparable’), Mata Jones and Domenico Scavone (‘Back To Wet’), Voltron and Wolf Jay (‘Every time’), Bohemian and Raf Parola ft. Timi Tamminen (‘Silver Coin’), Emvfaraya and Unseen ft. Høier (‘The One’), Antho Decks (‘Tikuna’) and JollyJ (‘Eyyah’).  

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