Calcou, versatile instrumentalist, producer, and composer, launches his album Murmuration on 5 July 2024, with the focus track, ‘Birdsong’, through MfRD+C. His recent singles have gained prominence on global Spotify playlists such as Fresh Finds and Late Night Vibes, as well as Apple Music’s Today’s Chill. Notable publications including CLASH Magazine, Stereofox, and Majestic Casual have applauded Calcou‘s work. Moreover, he has collaborated with major brands like Universal Music and BMW, with his track ‘Anthophyllite’ featured in a high-profile global advertising campaign.

Murmuration guides listeners through a compelling journey of deep house electronica and beyond. Calcou captivates with deep, resonant basslines, ethereal synths, and immersive pads, all infused with the echoing essence of the natural world. The focus track, ‘Birdsong’, lives up to its name, introducing delicate piano chords that blend seamlessly with a gentle breakbeat and hypnotic organic textures. After a serene interlude, the rhythm returns with heightened energy, culminating in a radiant conclusion. The album’s sonic landscape is meticulously crafted, combining glitchy elements with natural sounds to create an exhilarating yet calming experience.

Reflecting on the album, Calcou shared: “After several EPs that felt more like fragments, I finally wanted to tell a whole story.  Last year I saw huge flocks of birds dancing almost synchronously across the sky. I captured them on my phone and when I went back to the studio I was completely in awe: The movements of the birds seemed to lock in with my music immediately and it all felt very dreamy and hypnotic, other times driving and euphoric. It was incredible to discover how much rhythm and variation there is in the flight of birds and how inspiring it is to compose to it. To me, Murmuration feels very personal. It’s my first album and I think that’s always a special moment. I have tried to bring in many musical influences that have defined me as a human being and connect them as if in a swarm – Field Recordings, Re-Sampling, Acoustic elements, Jazz, Synthesizers and everything in between. I really hope the listener can feel the love for detail I put into creating this album but also the beauty of nature that inspired it.”

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