Welcome to this insightful interview with Cyazon. We sat down with this talented producer to learn more about his creative process and the making of his remix for ‘Truth’ by Nero. Cyazon, known for his distinctive style within electronic music, shares his journey, inspirations, and the intricate details behind his music production. 

Cyazon sheds light on the subtleties of remixing, highlighting the elements he aimed to preserve from Nero‘s original while infusing his own sonic character; so join us on this musical exploration as Cyazon offers insights into his craft and what’s on the horizon for his music career.

Hey Cyazon! How are you doing?

Hi! Doing well, thank you.

To start, can you tell us, what about the original inspired you to create the remix?

I really liked the atmosphere in the intro and the main bassline in the original. I also think that Nero releasing their first original track in a while from their upcoming album inspired me to create the remix too.

Can you walk us through your creative process when approaching your remix of ‘Truth’? How did you start?

I first started out by putting in an atmosphere sound I created a while ago, and I used it as a supporting element in the remix. I then built a new synth melody and the same bassline melody from the original track. I also used 2 new bassline synths for the bassline melody to give it a different dark analog feel. I decided to keep the main vocal the same. I created a new bassline melody for the last part of the drop/chorus when the vocal comes back in. For the second drop/chorus, I pushed the bassline an octave higher, and stacked it on top of the original bassline to give the second drop a new harmonic feel and energy.

Were there any specific challenges you encountered during the production process of this remix?

There were not really any huge specific challenges I encountered while creating this remix, but a slight challenge was making the cyberpunk-like bassline play the right notes. The cyberpunk-like bassline is layered on top of another bassline so it was important for it to play the right notes. I think this was because of the type of comb/flanger filter I was using in Serum for this particular bass sound.

Which elements from Nero’s original track did you want to maintain in your mix? 

I wanted to maintain the piano note repeating in the beginning of the track and the bassline melody. Those were the main elements from the original track I wanted to keep.

How do you balance staying true to the original essence of a track while ensuring your own unique style shines through?

I think using the synth sounds I use in my tracks helps my own unique style shine. I also think using similar but different elements from the original throughout the track helps the remix stay true to the original essence of Nero’s track.

Can you tell us how you created the dark, driving energy of your track? Which elements did you focus on to create this specific vibe?

The main elements that created the dark, driving energy for the remix are the main bassline in the chorus/drop and the atmospheric pad in the beginning and breakdown of the remix. 

How do you feel this remix showcases your skills and unique sound as a Producer?

I feel my remix showcases my skills and unique sound, by using my own sounds and synths, as well as, creating new melodies to give the remix a new interpretation of the original track.

What was your favorite part of the production process?

I feel my favorite part of the production process for this remix was creating the drops/choruses. I feel that they came very naturally and fast for me. Creating the 2 main basslines in the drops helped me stay inspired. Especially, the last part of the drop where the vocal comes in was fun to make as well.

Can you tell us what you have lined up next? Are there any more releases coming up soon?

I have an upcoming single release with a label on January 8th, and an EP release with the same label coming out in February.

In closing this special interview, we’d like to thank Cyazon for sharing his creative process, inspirations, and experiences in the world of music production and remixing. His dedication to crafting unique sounds and maintaining a balance between the original essence of a track and his distinctive style is inspiring. As we look forward to his upcoming releases and the evolution of his musical journey, we wish him continued success and can’t wait to see where his passion for music takes him next. Make sure to follow him across social media to learn more about his latest releases and projects.

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