In this interview, we catch up with Terry Golden, the talented DJ and Producer, to discuss his top tracks of 2023 and more; here, Terry shares insights into his music, emerging artists, memorable moments, and even some personal highlights from the year. Join us as we go into Terry’s musical journey and his thoughts on 2023.

What are your 3 favorite tracks that were released this year, and what about them makes them so special for you as a music producer?

It’s always difficult to choose between one’s own tracks, as each one has a special place with me. But now I have to choose:

‘Get It Together’ as it is one of my top tracks of 2023, I released on Avanti, Black Hole Recordings

‘Rave The Universe’ which I released on EXX Musiz right up to ADE 2023. That track is just raw power and reached the Top 3 on the Beatport chart.

‘Losing Love’, which shows the Progressive side of me. A track I made together with Jordan Grace, who also writes music with Armin Van Buuren, Martin Garrix and more.

Were there any emerging artists or newcomers in the music scene this year caught your attention? And can you let us know why?

To be honest, there are so many talented producers, and I have made a new acquaintance in 2023. I probably wouldn’t call him new, but he makes great music. His name is Hevi Levi and he is from Israel.

Can you share a favorite musical moment or memory from this year, either in your own career or from the music industry as a whole?

I had the honor of playing Ultra Miami this year, so that was definitely a big moment for me. If I have to mention another, definitely seeing Camelphat again during ADE – they are 100% a big inspiration for my own project

In the realm of fashion and style, were there any standout trends or clothing items that became your favorites during the past year, and did they influence your public image as an artist?

After all, 2023 was the year I presented my gold warrior look, which I play with at clubs and festivals. I wouldn’t call it a fashion trend, but it has definitely made me stand out visually as an artist.

Beyond music, were there any films, documentaries or series, that stand out as your favorite from the past year, and did these inspire your music?

I use movies and sometimes series for pure relaxation, so for me, it’s about disconnecting from everything else. I love a good crime, thriller or some action. I saw Avatar II in 3D, and like the first one, it was very well made, and even though it is a fairy tale universe, the films manage to draw parallels to our real world for me.

When it comes to visual art or design, can you highlight a piece or artist that captured your attention and became a favorite source of inspiration this year?

I have to be completely honest and say that I don’t have any names that I can just throw out, but I am 100% crazy about the Afterlife visual show – it’s insanely well done.

Did you explore any new hobbies or activities outside of music in the past year, and did any of them provide unexpected creative insights or relaxation?

2023 was the year I set out to build a new house and studio, and as the year is almost up, we have just moved in, and the new studio will soon be finished. It has been enormously inspiring to devise the perfect interior design, etc., but has also taken a lot of time and a lot of effort.

Can you name a location or destination you visited during the year that became a personal favorite, and did the experience influence your music or overall perspective?

I always try to visit Usuhaïa Ibiza, which just for me is something very special. I always come back full of energy and not least a lot of inspiration – so that means a lot.

In terms of technology or gadgets, were there any new devices or innovations that became your favorites and had an impact on your music production or performance?

I’ve always been a Denon DJ and I still am. But with more and more jobs around the world, it makes it quite difficult because it is difficult to travel around with, so I have converted to Record Box on Pioneer. It is 100% a step down in terms of technical possibilities, but it makes my life and related logistics much easier.

Reflecting on the past year, what message or piece of wisdom would you like to share with your audience and fellow artists as you look forward to the future?

Remember the music industry is a business like anything else, so don’t take anything for granted, things don’t happen by themselves, you will definitely have setbacks, just remember that nothing is so bad that nothing good can come out of it.

As we wrap up this conversation with Terry Golden, we’ve gained valuable insights into his music and experiences from the past year. We look forward to hearing more of Terry’s electrifying tracks in the coming year and wish him continued success in his musical projects. Stay tuned and follow him across social media to learn more from this talented artist, as 2024 will bring more live shows and releases from Terry Golden.

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