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Tapping the dark taboos of desire, Alisa Fox has developed a definitive look, with music to match. Continuing the development of her brand and music career, she has released a new single, ‘Oldschool’, a journey into her undiluted emotions. If this track was a feeling, I’d call it drive, motivation, ambition. Why? Because the track moves toward its conclusion with constant determination.

Stream / Download: ALISA FOX – ‘OLDSCHOOL’

Percussion pounds, shifting beyond obstacles. Tripleted bass and synth-hits rev, shifting from gear to gear until the track moves at lightspeed. Once there, it just keeps on going, only breaking for brief moments before the drops, refuelling for the carnage to come. 

Intent on a purpose for the track, Alisa Fox tells us what her aim was when producing the single: “The emotional facet of music has always held me captive, and I yearned to create something introspective and commanding. My intention is for listeners to forge a personal connection with the track, uncover their own profound meanings, and surrender themselves to the rhythm on the dancefloor.”

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