Image credit: Mattia Biagioli

Life & Death signee Sebra Cruz has taken a big step in his career. Reaching a milestone, he has released his debut LP Don’t Worry Psy Happy. And it stretches beyond the box of any one genre. On the album, listeners will find the percussive single ‘Sunfish’, a track that exhibits this boundlessness.

Stream / Download: Sebra Cruz – ‘Don’t Worry Psy Happy’

“What emerges is in my opinion an album with predominantly Italian spirit, disco, house with both edgy and gentle influences. I never decide what to do first, I simply follow my spur of the moment instinct. Releasing an album for Life & Death is cool because I’ve always had huge respect for Manfredi,” he said, discussing the release.

From four-to-the-floor kicks to swampy guitar riffs and airy soundscapes, Don’t Worry Psy Happy is a dynamic offering. It moves from one sound palette to another in a split second, morphing from the avant-garde to the danceable, and just when you think you have settled, it shakes things up again.

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