Image credit: Luisa Braun

Tying a bow on a long run of releases, introspective musician MARIA Die RUHE has packaged 15 records in a debut album entitled ENARCHY, and no two songs are the same. That is not to say the LP lacks unity. No. Rather, a strong dance music thread pulls it together. Let’s unwrap.

In her already released record ‘Superrare’, she conveys a boastful flair, bringing attitude to a synthy soup of analogue stabs and gliding tones. To set off the more modern sounds, she has included a choir, a rather fun element that interjects the chorus in a call-and-response with MARIA Die RUHE’s lead vocal. 

Stream / Download: MARIA Die RUHE – ENARCHY LP

‘Pain’ begins in an unexpected way. Reading the title, I thought the record would be melancholic. Well, I was surprised. The track opens with a somewhat optimistic quirkiness. It has a clubby feel, that is, it possesses a danceable and upbeat quality.

Another track that was released before the album, ‘Skin’ stands apart from the rest of the tracks on the project. It begins with a haunting staccato cello, a more organic and less synth-based opening than the others, adopting MARIA’s yearning vocals before dropping into a ritualistic body of pulsating rhythms.

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