Image via publicist

‘Shakes’ is JONAH’s first single release on STMPD RCRDS and the kick-off to a music-filled year for him. While on track to becoming a lawyer, he took a leap of faith to pursue a career in music. ‘Shakes’ was born out of frustration of being locked inside his home during the pandemic. The end result is an energetic opposition to being denied the opportunity to party. 

JONAH: ‘’A fun fact is that I sent the song to Martin Garrix twice. The first time he didn’t say anything. Honestly, I think we got distracted talking about something else. The second time around, I sent him a folder with 2 songs, and I left this one out of the folder because I was thinking “oh, I already sent him this one, maybe I should leave it out” but then, last minute, decided to just add it anyways. 30 mins later he called me and asked if he could use THIS song as the second song during his DJ Mag stream on top of the Empire State building in NYC to celebrate being voted #1 DJ. Now the song has been played at some MASSIVE festivals around the world, and is released on STMPD.’’