Image credit: Daniel Lima

Exotic and melodic, GONE has shared ‘Out Of Time’ via Enchanté Records, a techno track that rises above the rest. He has birthed a song that will live on in your body and like static, it will crackle on the tips of your fingers. 

Stream/ Download: ‘Out Of Time’

The song holds a delicate tension: the tick-tock of a grandfather clock reminds us that time is running out, while soothing vocals ease the existential pressure. Each panned vocal echo is a legacy of its origin, reflecting off the walls of the mind. Modulating synths pulsate as flashes of white noise ease the transition from one audio moment to the next. 

Music, like love is about the meaning it brings people, and GONE’s new single is overflowing with the stuff. With so much character, it seems to take on a life of its own. The creation is questioning what it means to be alive and after peering inward, accepts the truth: hope lies in accepting our mortal destiny. 

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