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With undercurrents of dark electronic and industrial attributes, music producer NFNR’s album Dog Rose is a culmination of techno and experimental infusions. Listening to the featured album track ‘Eros Bird’, one feels a subtle sexual tension with pounding synth embellishments. NFNR’s entire album is rich and complex with every track that has its own unique path and direction. This work is definitely not for those who don’t enjoy listening to extraordinary multi-faceted works of art, but certainly, one who loves to be in tune with their emotions and the world around them in a reflective way.

‘Eros Bird’ features on the Spotify playlist

Olesia Onykiienko better known by the name NFNR has been experimenting for a decent frame of time, dedicating her time to formal training at Lviv Music College. When she is not busy creating divinely rich soundwaves, Olesia spends time curating music for the experimental platform Women’s Sound which represents some female and non-binary Ukrainian talents. 

In an interview with The Playground about the Dog Rose album via Corridor Audio, the producer shares her inspiration for her art: “The concerts themselves are the most inspiring. And when the flow of life evokes strong feelings. Some changes do this, certain events, travel, adventures, sufferings, love, pain, despair, struggle, happiness”

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