Image credit: Guilhem Canal

Shot in the historic Montpellier Opera amidst the pandemic, Joris Delacroix and CEBB perform in their latest video ‘Need Your Attention’. Kind of unsettling if you really think about it, one is made aware of the vast space in the theatre with camera angles that put emphasis on this and tension fuelled notes from Delacroix and CEBB throughout their enigmatic performance. 

Stream / Download: ‘Need Your Attention’

The ‘Need Your Attention’ video has certainly gripped us as it breaks from the uplifting tone of its predecessor ‘Early Hours feat. Run Rivers’ is much different from this latest piece from Delacroix. BSMNT Club previously described Joris’s previous collaboration with Run Rivers: “ Along with Joris’s melodic elevation of the track, they create that mystical feeling of early morning & excitement for new beginnings.”

‘Need Your Attention’ still carries that curiosity of a new day, but with a whole lot of electronic edge and spikes of synth notes that remunerate in the mind long after the music fades. One does not know whether to just marvel at this unique performance or be flustered figuring out how Delacroix can create this one of a kind soundscape together with CEBB? 2021 continues to show Delacroix’s experimental side and we cannot be more thrilled for a renowned act like himself to change his sound up like clockwork.

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