It’s that magical window of time where you have just woken comfortably from sleep and you still have a few minutes to rest before getting up. Your head and body are well-positioned on your pillow and mattress – you sigh in relief as you have rested well and now you are soaking in those last few minutes of slumber. A perfect EP that sums up that feeling of comfort and rejuvenation, would be GONE’s latest EP SOURCES via Enchanté Records.

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GONE elaborates on how he created the EP: “I am starting a musical adventure where I will project myself all over the world. Sharing my world with as many people as possible is an absolute dream. I am also preparing a dark scenography, intrinsically linked to the history of GONE. My music is an escape. In front of my speakers, I often try to create a parallel universe, beyond the foreground instruments and combining voice with music without one overriding the other.”

An Intricate yet gentle listen, SOURCES transports the mind to calmer spaces and worlds. Even though a light listens in terms of instrumental tone, one cannot help but feel their tear ducts hydrate from the complex emotions the EP evokes in one. The EP is rich in texture, organic tones and vocals that seem to feel like a wave crashing at times; impactful yet flawless in its flow and movement.

GONE previously featured on Technowerk with song ‘SAVED’

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Image credit: Oiliva Haudry