Playing around with light and shadows, ambient composer Mattia Cupelli creates a simplistic video for his latest song release ‘MONOLITH’. Along with an animator, they create an image for the goosebump-inducing atmosphere of the track in visual form, creating the illusion of time passing by with the use of light and shadows bouncing around between frames. Originally hailing from the iconic city of Rome, the composer uses references to historic marble sculptures that capture the warriors and dames that trod the earth centuries before. 

Stream/ download: ‘MONOLITH’

In a conversation with Chill Music (read interview), the composer describes how he wants his listeners to feel when listening to his new music: “With my music, I’m trying to let people perceive time passing, ancestral memories from our past as human beings on this planet. I want to make evocative music more similar to a ritual or a divine presence.”

Mattia Cupelli’s fine blend between ambient and electronic has captivated the Youtube community with over 76 million collective plays for his previous uploads. We are sure his numbers will increase with this latest work of art that speaks on the universal theme of wanting to be remembered when you die, and the fear of being forgotten. ‘MONOLITH’ will feature on Cupelli’s forthcoming album in years, RUINS via MC Records in July.

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