German DJ’s Maex & Point85, have been collaborating with each other since 2019. They have played gigs around the globe in a short span of time, including countries like Spain, Croatia, Spain & the Philippines. After a rough 2020 for many producers & artists, this genre-hopping dance music team has released the latest upbeat banger ‘Got You’  via Mango Sounds. 

Through the years this unique collaboration has also worked with noteworthy labels like  Ripe Pear Records and Funky Revival‘Got You’ reminds one of late 90’s hangouts with friends, putting one in the mood to arrange their next barbeque get-together.

Point85 shared his excitement about the release on socials, “It’s gonna be Maex and my 3rd release already and a lot stuff is coming soon, so better stay tuned” We look forward to see what this house duo release in the months to come.

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