To overcome the anxiety and devastation 2020 has brought to all, Lebanon-born music producer Jay Wud has shared his latest track ‘I Can’t Breathe’ with the public today. The song will feature on his hotly anticipated LP release this friday titled Dark Cinema. ‘I Can’t Breathe’ replicates the various stages of an anxiety attack through Jay Wud’s deliberate and intense sonic loop that builds up tension in the listener until the track has ended. 

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Ahead of the LP release in a few days time, Jay Wud elaborated on what this forthcoming release means to him as an artist and human being, “Dark Cinema  is an emotionally driven record inspired by our current world events in 2020. Every track narrates a period during lockdown and was my way of summarizing this chaos in sound.” 

Jay Wud is known for experimenting with various genres in his electronic palette and this results in a mesmerizing final product. This freeing approach and creativity has seen the musician sharing the stage with big names like Guns’n’Roses, Motley Crue and Skunk Anansie. And now we wait to be blown away with what this diverse producer has cooked up for his fans and new fans alike.

Dark Cinema Tracklist:

1. Pandemic Lockdown 

2. The Orient 

3. Denial 

4. I can’t Breathe 

5. Poetic Justice 

6. We Are Alone

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