What happens when you take the techno stylings of Emika, the experimental stylings of Vincenzo Ramaglia and the indescribable vocals of Laure Le Prunenec and mix them together? Pure magic. Renowned label head and producer Emika has remixed Vincenzo Ramaglia’sLa parole 2 (feat. Laure Le Prunenec)’, with stunning results and released today.

Emika tells us about her favourite aspect of the remix: “The soprano voice with intuitive singing style, combined with otherworldly electronics gave me an immediate feeling to want to interpret this piece.  It’s so highly creative and imaginative, it made it very enticing material I wanted to play with and transform into a new Emika vibration.”

Emika, known for crowd-sourcing a symphony for her classical soprano album Melanfonie, starting her own label and even creating music for the trailer of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, is an icon. She has paved the way and inspired several upcoming female producers in the industry while continuing to develop and grow her style.

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