Daniel Dejman is a rising hard-house and techno DJ based in  Chicago. In recent times, Dejman has gained the attention of internationally acclaimed Techno DJ’s. His previous success includes his EP PRIVI ranking 4th on the top 100 Hard Techno releases. His latest releases include his song ‘Go Back’, which will give goosebumps to all hardcore techno fans.

We talk shop with the DJ in the exclusive below.

How did you get into music and for how long have you been involved in the arts?

I first got into music when I was about 10 years old when I joined the school choir. I knew then that I wanted to get involved in some sort of performance art.

What inspires you and what makes you want to keep making music?

I find inspiration in other music, artists, daily activity, and experiences.

Which artists are you currently listening to? And is there anyone of these that you’d like to collaborate with?

Truncate, Hector Oaks, Schacke, MRD, Nina Kraviz, Avalon Emerson, Courtesy, and Nastia are just a few who I frequent their music, and would totally be down for a collab with any of the artists! All the artists are unique in which they present their own sound.

How do you separate yourself from other artists and producers right now?

I try to incorporate past & present hard-house influence when creating.

What do you consider a really successful or high point in your career so far?

I am pretty excited about the start of my own imprint Slow Dancing To Techno, and the first release which was ‘STTÆB’.

For aspiring musicians, what advice would you give to simplify making music?

Pick a few VST’s and learn them. It’s not what you have in the studio, it’s how you use it. I always start out with a kick drum and build around that.

Which piece of hardware or software would you consider the most essential in your setup, and that you would be a little lost without?

I would have to say the Maschine software. I create almost all my percussive sounds out of the Maschine. It’s a great piece of tool for sampling, and it’s user friendly.

Which is the one piece of software or hardware you’re still looking to add to your collection?

I’ve been meaning to check out the Roland VST, but haven’t had a chance to.
Tell us about what your upcoming releases or projects?

I am currently working on a collab EP with fellow producers ROJII & DJ Binetti.

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