SOFI TUKKER has shared a new remix of “Swing” by Vini Vici & Whiteno1se.The Israeli duo reimagines “Swing” as a pulsating psytrance odyssey while retaining the epic scale and sensual nature of the original.

SOFI TUKKER has started daily live DJ sets at 5 pm GMT / 1 PM ET on their Instagram and Facebook to stay connected and engaged with their community. The sessions have an improvisational nature that makes each one singular as the group incorporates live samples, guitar, vocals into the sets.

They say, “You might be forced into isolation right now, but we want to remind you to move your body and remember that you’re not alone. Ironically, the most loving thing we can do right now as a global community is not to be together. Thank god for the internet so we can still have a dance party. Every. Day. See. You. There. <3 -S&T”.

SOFI TUKKER has also announced that they have had to cancel and reschedule their tour dates due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Details on the dates below. The group says, “The most loving thing we can do right now for each other is to not physically be together. Unfortunately, although we are sure it won’t come as a surprise, that means we will be cancelling our Spring tour. We were able to postpone a couple of the shows (listed below) but for those of you who we will not be able to dance with this time around, we will be sticking with our daily 1 pm ET live DJ sets, live from our living room We are heartbroken but we also have faith that this will make us and our entire world stronger in the long run. We’ll be together as soon as we can. We love you! Take care of yourself! And stay home!!”.  

SOFI TUKKER appeared in a feature on Sound Lab  

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