MOGAN has shared their second single ‘Hireth’ off of their forthcoming EP titled Gutter via sinc(x) Records. The official mix and master was done by Cardiff-based conductor Minas (Hana2k, Luke RV and Dead Method). MOGAN has been featured on God Is In The TV Zine, as well as receiving airplay on web radio station Walya’s Act Normal show for Noods Radio and Razorblade the Tape.

The artist enjoys challenging topics including politics, divorce, sexual identity. They are also empowered by finding comfort in their unique quirks, and mannerisms. MOGAN finds inspiration from the work of Bjork, Liars, Peaches, Dirty Beaches and  Broadcast, however, their resulting sound is closer to the work of Sophie, Arca, and The Knife.’ ‘Hireth’ has a darker and more menacing tone than its predecessor ‘What Happens Next’, and leads the listener to travel down their own dark abyss or rabbit hole.

MOGAN elaborates the track, “There’s no direct English translation for the word ‘Hireth’ but it’s a Cornish word meaning ‘The longing for something that doesn’t exist’. That feeling really resonated when writing the song because I could never quite settle on its production and it never seemed to fit. I was ready to park it indefinitely but thankfully Minas saw its potential and elevated it beyond what I had ever imagined.”

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