Renowned electronic producer Uppermost has released his latest single, ‘When The Birds Start Singing’ via his label Uppwind Records. The musician has been supported by acclaimed publications including BILLBOARD, Complex, Dancing Astronaut, YourEdm, Paper Mag, Magnetic Mag, Clash Mag, This Song Is Sick, Earmilk, and Discobelle. Uppermost current collective viewing rate on Youtube is over 50 million plays.  His Spotify stream rate also joins the 50 million-plus club. Significant Youtube channels have featured the artist on their channel, including Mr Suicide Sheep, Tasty, xKito, Purely Chilled, Chill Masters, Saints Of Serenity, Wobblecraft.

Uppermost is a self-taught DJ, originally from Bordeaux, France. The DJ creates a hopeful atmosphere for the listener, as he aims to generate positive emotion through his music, and shows us what the world could be like if our attitudes were healthier. Besides creating his own music, you can find him assisting up-and-coming musicians like Kasket Club, Medium Douce, and Wolfgang wee. He has also dabbled into filmography, which included his song ‘Love’. Uppermost is also inspired by the visual arts, particularly street art.

Speaking of the new song, Uppermost shares, “Hearing the birds in the early morning truly warms my heart and inspires me. It feels like they are celebrating the sun coming back while the sky is still fully dark.”


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