Having kicked off the year debuting a new audio-visual performance, enduring techno outfit Octave One announce new music for 2019, with a series of EP’s entitled ‘Locus of Control’. Featuring many unreleased nuggets, the series will feature unreleased tracks which were tried and tested at a recent Valencia Boiler Room set.

The term ‘Locus of Control’ is a psychological concept that refers to how strongly people believe they have control over the situations and experiences that affect their lives.

“Musically we are exploring the ‘power or powerlessness people feel over the things that shape their world’.” State the Brothers.

Side One kicks off with ‘Lies In Truth’, euphoric piano meets melodic stabs layered with feel good crescendos and a positive uplifting baseline. Intelligent synth builds and layers making for a super strong lead track. Followed by Injection (String Free edit) with an intensifying and pulsing rib rattling bass.

Side Two features the full version of ‘Injection’. The thundering bass takes you on a journey of transcending arpeggios, developing progressions and meandering melodies making the track a peak time cut.

The EP is set for release on 24th May via the 430 West.

Vinyl EP
Artist: Octave One
Title: Locus of Control Vol. 1
Side 1A: Lies In Truth
Side 1B: Injection (String Free edit)
Side 2: Injection
Cat No. 4W715

Digital Download
Artist: Octave One
Title: Locus of Control Vol. 1
1.Lies In Truth
3.Injection (String Free Dub)
Cat No. 4WDG715