Undoubtedly one of the most diverse pop R&B artists of her time, Kelis is back with a yearning for jerking!  Now on her sixth studio album, Food is by far one of Kelis’ best feasts yet.  With tingling teasers entitled Breakfast, Jerk Ribs and Cobbler the New York native definitely entices you to build up an appetite with this one.  A soulful funky sound, Kelis cooks up a mix of R&B, throws in some afrobeats, spices it up with some jazz and gives it some gospel gravy all into one, working alongside the great Dave Sitek and relishing from her new label mates Ninja Tune Records.  Her raspy voice and retro sounds gives you the feeling of being at a live festival, flying free with the fragrance of a BBQ seducing the air. You’ll be boiling up a sweat, bubbling to the sweet bitter sounds of Food.  Definitely on the ‘To Do’ cook list.